Kiosk Solutions
AIT supplies a long list of industries with its durable products.
We also specialize in many more industries not mentioned and customize any Kiosk or Kiosk solution for you.

e-Commerce Kiosk Transactional Powerhouse

The e-COMMERCE kiosk provides an enclosure form for a wide array of platforms and configurations. SLeek in appearance, the kiosk fits in well in any environment and available in a variety of finished & colours to creatively enhance any self-service venue.

With the multiple compinent options, the e-Commerce kiosk is ideal for Retail, Payment, Check-in, Order Entry and many other
self-service vertical market applications. This kiosk combines a sleek profile with high durability to withstand the rigors of daily public use.

The e-Commerce kiosk provides an attractive and engaging platform with a standard 19" LCD to spotlight your self-service application. The range of component options includes printers, scanners, card readers, cash acceptors, cameras, biometric devices and wireless options. The e-Commerce kiosk combines the economy of a standard enclosure with peak configuration and form factor flexibility
- the ideal self-service solution mix!


e-Commerce Basic

  • Durable Powder Coated Steel Enclosure
  • 17" - 19" LCD Display
  • 3M Touch Screen
  • Industrial PC