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HAWK kiosks put into effect in NHGP to increase productivity

Type: News

Posted On: 11 Jul 2013

Better quality of healthcare can now be achieved using self-service solutions that are actualized with the launching of the Health & Wellness Kiosk (HAWK). AIT Technologies participated in this project together with IHIS (Integrated Health Information Systems) and A*Star in which the project is fully funded by A*Star as one of its collaboration for A*Star-CIMIT commercialization projects.

With this upgraded version from which it was first pilot in April 2012, HAWK aims to shortening the queuing time in the polyclinics by eliminating tedious processes from managing patients’ data to delivering information to doctors. By engaging patients for the pre-screening, freeing of manpower certainly helps to solve the issue of staff shortage. Current digitalizing of information combining with self-service kiosks, quality of patients’ data also made significant progress, with minimal chances of lost files and least possible error in passing down messages.

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