60 Kaki Bukit Place #05-09 Eunos Techpark 2 Singapore 415979 +65 6297 6480

Alex Thian

Founder of AIT Biotech, AIT Ventures and AIT Technologies

Mr Alex is an IP lawyer, and is a serial entrepreneur who has successfully created a few businesses. One of the popular ones is Research BioLabs (http://www.researchbiolabs.com), which was later accquired by Qiagen (http://www.qiagen.com), an international MNC life science company from Germany.

Alex now managed AIT Biotech (http://www.aitbiotech.com) and continues to incubate new start-ups in Biosciences industry with AIT Ventures (http://www.aitventures.sg/).

He founded Advance Interactive Technologies in 2003 which is today becoming AIT Technologies.

Committee member for National Medical Research Counsel Grant, and PM for Bio-Engineering Programme under the Science and Engineering Institute.

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