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About AIT

AIT Technologies (AIT) was established in year 2011, providing ICT products in the aspect of interactive solution; largely in Intelligent Automated Machines and Self-service Kiosks.

Focusing on Human-Machine Interactive Technologies as our core R&D, it’s not only providing our customers with high level of user experience while interacting with the product but also provides human analytics data to strengthen their business and better perform DIQ (Digital Artificial IQ) processes. These core technologies are applied into the company products such as DigiQuin™(Retail), 1st Hotel Licensing Board’s Approved Self Check-in/out Kiosk (Hospitality) and Self Health-screening Kiosk (Licensed via public healthcare cluster) with highly disruptive growing potential.

AIT’s also provide customisation of kiosk with their professional designer, providing customer their leading edge in demand and lifestyle concept. Our standard Kiosk designs are also constantly reflesh to stay relevant to our disruptive and everchanging trends.

Today, AIT’s has become the leader in this industry from many government’s, commercial users and credentials.

Company’s Vision

To be the preeminent Innovative Human-Machine Interactive Solution and Service Provider, providing game-change and “wow” user-experience to improve customer’s business and lifestyle.

Company’s Mission

To provide the best customer’s experience in Human-Machine Interactive Solution and Service Provider, creating OPEX business model to allow customers to easily embrace game-change innovative productivity equipment, thus value-add and improve the business and the life of our customers.

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