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    We provide interactive self solutions to multiple industries from the public sectors to healthcare as well as retail sector.

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completed projects

Using new Self-Help Service for paying daily utilities

This self-help service kiosk is designed and programmed for payment of household utilities through cashless means. Customers will be able to do their payment via […]

Queue Management System and more for AA Singapore.

Providing a one stop solution for our customer – including Queue Management System and Self Service Registration integrated with Payment terminal for NETS and Credit […]

Hotel Check-In and Checkout Solution for Furama Hotels

Due to the manpower constraints, AIT has come up with a solution to introduce an automated unmanned check-in and checkout reception counters for accommodating the […]

Handy Smart Locker for Rental Cars

Rental cars are gaining popularity in Singapore and car rental services has been the go-to for comfort rental cars. AIT has designed self-service kiosks that […]

Self Service Tele-Health & Tele-Medicine Kiosk, Singapore

Our Self Empowering & Enabling Kiosk (SEEK) is a non-invasive Self-Service Tele-Health/Tele-Medicine Screening Kiosk which serves as a Self-Help machine to evaluate not just personal […]

Enrolment and Gantry System

Approached by our client, their requirement of the kiosk is for enrolment and have a gantry system. On top of a secure and record entry […]

our latest project

AIT specialises in providing customisable interactive solutions and kiosk designs with highly disruptive growing potential.

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what we offer.

a wide range of services

Customised Software

AIT is not just a kiosk maker, we are also a full-stack software development company. We build software solutions, program modules for development on desktop, […]

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Payment Kiosk Solutions

AIT has successfully integrated with most payment gateway and able to provide the following payment modules: NETs NETs Flash, NETs Cash card Credit Card/Debit Card […]

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Queue Management System

Queue Management System aims to streamline the process for different businesses. Easy to set-up and user-friendly interface can get you set up your Queue Management […]

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Visitor Management System

The visitor management system enable the user to categorize the type of visitors and schedule visitation. The system provides a simple to use interface, fast […]

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the leader in this industry from many government’s, commercial users and credentials.

AIT provide customisation of kiosk with their professional designer, providing customer their leading edge in demand and lifestyle concept. Our standard Kiosk designs are also constantly refresh to stay relevant to our disruptive and ever-changing trends.

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