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Queue Management System and more for AA Singapore.

Providing a one stop solution for our customer – including Queue Management System and Self Service Registration integrated with Payment terminal for NETS and Credit Card. 

Before engaging AIT, Automobile Association of Singapore has 3 different systems for their International Driving Permit registration – Walk-In customers (Staff manually entry), Online Registration Portal, and iPad station for self help customers. The staffs has difficulty tracking their customer registration.

AIT relook into the problem and transform the whole registration process into one single platform. Enabling synchronization across 3 branches and online registration, this enable the staff across 3 branches to track each customer registration. 

It also improve the registration time and with all data on one single platform, it allow AA Singapore to perform data analytics on the collected data.

On top of that, we have implemented a QMS at  their HQ branch with that allow the customer to choose between Insurance service and IDP registration, directing the customer to a self-registration kiosk interface with a payment terminal for cashless payment.

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