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Handy Smart Locker for Rental Cars

Rental cars are gaining popularity in Singapore and car rental services has been the go-to for comfort rental cars. AIT has designed self-service kiosks that acts as a locker for rental car keys for the ease of drivers to rent cars without going through the hassle of paperwork at a counter. The improvement in operations and efficiency of work flow are well taken in with the use of a smart locker.

AIT has designed the system to enable the company to gather data together into administrative dashboard to channel information for easier references. Also, with authentication panel, companies can have tighter security over staff access to specific equipment and traceability. These self-service smart lockers also have content surveillance from tracking users, to tracking individual assets.

Not only are these smart lockers becoming reliable storage system, they can be easily customized to the company’s preference and needs.


Key Features:

  • Barcode Scanning of ID
  • Cashless Payment Integration
  • Ticket Issuer
  • Receipt Issuer
  • LED display feature
  • Storage Locker
  • IP Camera
  • Tracing of data and key drop


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