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Self Service Tele-Health & Tele-Medicine Kiosk, Singapore

Our Self Empowering & Enabling Kiosk (SEEK) is a non-invasive Self-Service Tele-Health/Tele-Medicine Screening Kiosk which serves as a Self-Help machine to evaluate not just personal physiologic measurements but functions beyond what a simple measurement device can do.

Our Self Service Tele-Health / Tele-Medicine helps to increase access to primary healthcare services and present greater autonomy, flexibility and convenience in terms of accessible location and 24/7 access to users empowering them to take charge and plan ahead for their health.

Objectives of our Self Service TeleHealth / Tele-Medicine :

  • Reducing visits from well-controlled chronic patients
  • Improving risk stratification of patients before primary care visit.
  • Increasing access to preventive health and acute care.
  • Increasing screening for the general population.

Features and benefits of our Self Service TeleHealth / Tele-Medicine :

  • Patient / User Registrations
  • Support general pre-consultation or health screening questions
  • Users can see their current health status against their target range
  • Support specific questions relating to cardiovascular health, diabetes, depression, asthma, lifestyle and health related habits
  • Usable by patient’s care team or patients themselves
  • Gives personalised advice based on user’s parameters acting as a tool for individuals to monitor their health regularly
  • User-centered design
  • Multiple Language Selection

Users and reasons for using our Self Service TeleHealth / Tele-Medicine :

Clinics and Hospitals
Self Service TeleHealth / Tele-Medicine Monitoring in primary care setting as pre-doctor consult prior to being sent to treatment room/doctor consultation room.

Our Self Service TeleHealth / Tele-Medicine is suitable for patients with the following diagnosis:

  • Asthma
  • COPD
  • Diabetes
  • Hypertension
  • High Cholesterol Prevention & Health Promotion

Users with chronic diseases
Our Self Service TeleHealth / Tele-Medicine helps to monitor for review and to control disease

Preventive Care / Active Workforces
Our Self Service TeleHealth / Tele-Medicine helps Screen for Hypertension, Obesity, Depression and Asthma. Preventive health care, acute care for specific set of relatively minor clinical conditions.

Emergency Department
Our Self Service TeleHealth / Tele-Medicine helps provide Screening and Triaging for doctor/nurse consultation in the ED.

General Public Health
Our Self Service TeleHealth / Tele-Medicine Increase awareness of one’s health, encourage reflection and motivate to take action for healthy living.

Nursing Homes
Our Self Service TeleHealth / Tele-Medicine is based on health monitoring, prompt action and participation in activities to help achieve goals of active aging.

Physiologic and Chronic Disease Monitoring Measurements

  • HbA1C (Glycated Haemoglobin)
  • LDL(Low-density Lipoprotein)
  • Blood Pressure
  • Body Mass Index(BMI) – Height and Weight
  • Heart Rate
  • Temperature

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