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Hotel Self Check-In and Checkout Kiosk

Introducing a fully automated unmanned check-in and checkout self-service kiosk. One of the company latest innovation, the kiosk facilitate simple, fast and seamless check-in for Hotel’s guest, yet ensuring security and authentication of travel documents/identity cards of guest.

The aim of the system allows Hotel’s guest the ease and convenience of processing their check-in and checkout which in turns reducing waiting time, and free up man power to better serve the other requirement of hotel’s guests.

The investment in technology can help the industries to save on staffing cost and for the guests, the reduction in queues and waiting time. 

Key Features:

  • Integration with Hotel Property Management System
  • Secure Passport Scanning to check for authenticity 
  • Facial Verification Process
  • Cashless Payment Integration
  • Room Cards Issuer

The first to be approved by Hotel License Board (HLB) and had successfully implemented in Singapore.

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