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VAMS – Lite: Multi-Sensor Infrared Thermal Scanner

VAMS – Lite is a hands-free, non-INVASIVE temperature measuring device.

Quick and intuitive, a user simply stands 20cm – 40cm in front of the device, and his or her temperature is read and displayed real-time. VAMS – Lite is available portable or wall mounted.

Key Features

  • Multi-sensor layout, makes VAMS – Lite suitable for commercial use where users differ in height
  • 3 – 10μm infra-red thermal sensor to measure the body temperature with an effective distance of 20 – 40cm
  • Alarm rings on the temperature scanner when temperature registers higher than prefixed limit (37.5º)
  • Red LED on the temperature scanner to display temperature reading
  • Advanced configuration and data transport, via Bluetooth/USB to PC
  • DC power supply through a AC-DC 12V-6W adapter for safe use


Suggested Use and Ideal Locations

  • The temperature scanner can be mounted onto walls in offices (different departments/floors), for convenient temperature taking
  • Entry points of buildings, to aid other safeguarding measures (VAMS – Lite beside hand sanitisers)
  • Ad-hoc temperature-taking booths (registrations areas, exhibitions, events) used in conjunction with other health declaration control measures

Ease of Use

  • The temperature scanner is used to measure the body temperature from a distance of 20-40cm, no physical contact is required.
  • The device is meant for the purpose of quick temperature scanning, if readings are read beyond the pre-set threshold (37.5°C), please proceed to seek medical advice
  • Please do not place the temperature scanner near any other heat sources under direct sunlight. The measurement will be inaccurate
  • Please transport and store the temperature scanner under care. Avoid direct sunlight and humid conditions for storage
  • Stains, or any damage on the sensor will affect the accuracy of the reading. If the thermometer tip becomes soiled, gently clean with a wipe or lint-free swab. The sensors should be free of fingerprints and debris.

User Instruction

  • Stand in front of the temperature scanner, removing any foreign objects and other obstructions on forehead, e.g. sweat, fringe, and hat
  • Keep a distance of 20cm to 40 cm to the device, look in front to make sure the device is facing the middle of the body.



Operating Temperature

10 -35 oC

Measuring range



0.1 oC


+/- 0.4oC

Operating Range

20 – 40 cm


9V, 600mA adaptor

Package size

Size: 310mm L x 240mm H x 40mm D

Package weight

4 – 5kg


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