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AIT progressing as a Vendor with EVA-Ready Approval

On 6th November 2019, Singapore Tourism Board (STB) and Singapore Hotel Association has launched a system called E-Visitor Authentication (EVA) System. EVA is an application programming interface (API) that administrates the potential to automate parts of hotel check-in process by validating international visitors’ stay in Singapore.

Thus, streamlines the gathering of guests’ data and enable faster verification of guests’ stay validity. The journey for guest to check-in to their hotel has resulted in waiting time reduced by 70%. Overall, this improves operational efficiency of check-ins.

Data Flow for EVA-Ready system, from STB EVA-Ready Programme2


The programme ensures vendors fulfil requirements to attain an EVA-Ready status. It is mandatory for vendors to be EVA-Ready in order to access the API.

Once a vendor is EVA-Ready, they can onboard their hotel partners onto EVA with reduced onboarding time. These vendors can be identified with the EVA-Ready badge.

AIT is a certified EVA-Ready vendor


As of 14 November 2022, AIT is proud to be an EVA-Ready partner, and also one of the 10 EVA-Ready vendors in Singapore.

Alongside the help of the latest facial recognition devices, in providing an extra level of security that allows hotels to keep visible data for guest check-in purposes. AIT has equipped our check-in kiosks with this technology. Not only has it been integrated to identify guests’ identities, these data will be sent to the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) to verify the validity of stay in Singapore.


EVA Process for guests, from Singapore Tourism Board3



For now, AIT is getting ready our product flyers for our EVA Self Check-in Kiosks. Stay tune!



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