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AIT’s showcase at SME Outreach event – IoT in Tourism & Hospitality

The Tourism & Hospitality Industry in Singapore has been growing exponentially over the years; thus, Singapore has to increase its’ operational efficiency, personalizing visitor experiences etc. One particular method would start with welcoming guest through hotels’ environment of operational efficiency – check-in.

The theme of this SME Outreach event is IoT in Tourism & Hospitality, it aims to encourage SME to take up technology and automation in their business. As such AIT has been growing developing and deepening their roots in the Tourism & Hospitality Industry, upgrading and expanding the knowledge on ever-improving, ever-changing technology. AIT was invited by SIAA & I2R for a SME Outreach event on 13 Apr 2018 (Friday) at Fusionopolis to showcase our Hotel Self Service Kiosk.

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