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Launch of MyHealth Kiosk at Bedok Radiance Senior Activities Centre

Type: News

Posted On: 19 Sep 2015


AIT collaborated with EHA to launch MyHealth Kiosk. 

MyHealth Kiosk is a Health Screening Kiosk. The Health Screening Kiosk is an automated healthcare kiosk that is able to measure the height, weight, temperature, blood pressure of the patients and also some required questions from the respective healthcare service provider before the doctor’s consultation in order to streamline the whole process. It is fast and user-friendly.

MyHealth Kiosk is being used by patients with chronic diseases, as well as the general public, for health screening purpose. This has resulted in reduced number of visits from chronic patients whose condition are well-controlled and do not necessarily need consultation, improving risk stratification of patients before primary care visit, increasing access to preventive health and acute care and also allows the doctor to consult more patients.


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